Here's Why

With limited time in our schedules it is a big decision on where to invest your energy.  Being part of WECIBA is very simple.  We focus on educating, connecting and improve our community by supporting the brokers and professionals servicing the insurance industry.


To be successful in your profession it is critical to stay on top of the latest information.  The challenge to this is that between home and work we all have busy schedules.  Let us find the experts to keep you on top of the latest news and information.


When you have something that really needs to get done knowing the right person can mean everything.  Our events and training courses are not just fun and informative, they connect you with other professionals…  and who knows you might actually make some new friends in the process.


One of the greatest feelings in life is having the ability to help others.  Giving back to our community not only improves today, it helps create success for future generations.  All our events have a charitable component, which allows us to give back to the community that supports our businesses.